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NOTE: "POR" means Price on Request.


Ref # Pic Equipment Description Note Sales $
45.0126 Cleereman Model 36 3 HB mill w/air setworks, pantograph and controls, 8" X 50' track frame w/rails, Cleereman saw husk, 3 bearing arbor w36" 10 V pulley, Mellott offbeare belt (no power source) and Tyrone Berry carriage drive. POR
45.0201 Meadows #2 Deluxe Automatic Sawmill, 50' track, 15' 4 HB carriage, 3 hydraulic dogs and a master dog. Electric/hydraulic setworks, log turner, live log deck, 6' lumber conveyor, sawdust blower, sawyers cab w/heat & air conditioning, plus "chairs" to set the mill on. Cummins 176HP Turbo diesel power unit (~3000 Hrs.). Mill was rebuilt in '97. POR
45.0205 Complete sawmill including: 800 Amp 600 volt entrance and associated electrical controls(see 21.0019 for more details and Photos), HMC or Precision V208 (? No S/N nameplate) modified debarker (see 16.0137 for more details and pictures). Bark conveyors, log haul and log decks, HMC CT-11 log turner, North American 3 HB carriage, 100 HP on head saw, 100 HP edger Corley(?) 6"X36" 2-15/16" arbor, combination-cluster on right, 1 fixed imoveable saw on left, 2 outfeed belts, lumber chain, 40' vibrating conveyor w/fiberglas section (no metal detector). (More description and pictures under 45.02051). POR
45.02051 Morbark 48" 6 Kn chipper 75 HP, chip pipe to 5' cyclone, Precision 7X7 screen, Phelps blower, Morgan Horizontal band 15HP, 8"W belt, Ingersol Rand type 30 15 HP air comp., 3 phase electric welder. POR
45.0207   Antique (1901) Chase #2 handset mill complete w/husk, 2-1/2 9GA 48" saw, wood frame, rack & pinion- original blue paint. POR
45.0209   Complete Wood Products Mill for sale or will separate. Bolter saw 50HP bottom 30HP top, Baker thin kerf band resaw w/conveyors, 2 Glover Dowel moulders (1 2 head, 1 3 head), 4 or 5 lathes, shop built triple stock fitting saws, dowel sanders, pop-up saws, dowel pointer, dowel cross drill, double end dowel chucker, tumblers, saw grinders, horizontal milling machine, assorted new,rebuilt, and used motors up to 50HP, dowel and lumber inventory, and much more. POR
45.0217   Forestall 4 Knee auto mill, Berry feed, infeed, outfeed decks, log turner, edger, (2) split belts w/kickers, 8X10 operators cab, Woods Moulder 4"X12" opening, Carthage 27" chipper, 100 KW generator w/all wiring and controls and air system, POR
45.0222   Forestall 4HB carriage, vertical edger, husk w/top saw, Silvatech setworks, log deck w/ S/L, offbear, spiral roll case w/stop, lumber deck, 48" Morbark chipper and all electrics. Buyer remove from building, Owner can help load. POR
45.0224 Complete operating sawmill w/4 cylinder Detroit diesel power unit. #1 Lane sawmill, manual setworks and dogs, Glover feed works. 22" Frick edger. Morgan band resaw 8" wide X 4"high, used very little. 10" Valby chipper, hardly used. 1980 Clark forklift. 3 sawdust blowers. Numerous "V" pulleys, bearings and sprockets. $40,000
45.0226 Cleereman 4 HB Model 38 carriage, Valley Machine Rosser head debarker, 6X42 3 saw board edger, Fulghum 48" 3 knife chipper, HMC rotary saw headrig-48" saw w/38" top saw, roll cases, live decks, and vibrating conveyors. POR
45.0227   Lane sawmill and board edger. Good condition, working daily until shut down about 5 years ago. POR
45.0229 Sanborn double cut band mill w/Sivatech setworks, 4 strand log deck, HMC 206 debarker, bark conveyor, Hosmer edger w/transfer deck, other conveyors, 48" chipper/chip pack/cyclone, 3306 CAT generator, 25 HP hydraulic unit, Square D motor control center, Sullair compressor with Motivair air dryer. $150,000
45.023 Lane hand-set carriage, husk, CMC hydraulic carriage drive. POR
45.0231 Complete sawmill, produced 300,000'/Day. POR
45.0232 Complete sawmill (Machines may be purchased separately) --3 str 15'L log deck w/ S/L, HMC V206H debarker 12"D X 12"W head w/bark conveyor, 30'L 3 str log deck w/ S/L, Forrestall chain log turner, HMC AC 44 3kn carriage-60' rail-Lane husk w/top saw (50" & 40" saws), Air carriage feed, 4 str transfer to Crosby 3 saw edger w/tailer, 16' 3 str lumber deck, 75 HP Precision 48" 3Kn chipper, plus other conveyors. POR
45.0233 Complete mill; 5 str log deck w/ S/L to 2004 HMC V206 debarker w/Bark conveyor, log conveyor to log decks, log turners, right hand PHL 4 HB LP carriage w/Silvatech and left hand 3 HB HMC carriage, lumber conveyors, Sanborn 3 saw 4X48? Edger, Trimmer ~80' vibrating conveyor, Morbark 58" 3 Kn chipper w/screen and cyclone, 30 HP Iingersoll-Rand air compressor w/air dryer; -Nyle L200 dry Kiln 26'X30';- Fabrication building w/Brewer stripper and Cornell cut-off saw;- Planer mill w/5 str infeed deck motorized Woods 412 planer variable speed feed, Whitney single surface planer used for sizing timbers;- Misc.rolling stock. POR
45.0234 Sawmill less previously sold carriage, feed, and log turner: John Deere and CAT 3304 Gensets, 35' 4 str log deck w/ S/L to HMC V206H debarker w/even ender and bark conveyor. Belt conveyors, roll case belt sorter, lumber deck, 2 saw trimmer, air compressor and dryer, a 10'-12' and (2) 60" vibrating conveyors (one w/REM metal detector), Morbark chipper,screen cyclone and blower system, Cathild dry kiln.. POR
45.0235 Complete Sawmill (or individual pcs.). Infeed/outfeed conveyors to Forano 27" ring debarker (40 HP 220V/3/60, 5 strand infeed log deck w/log bridge and S/L, Morbark chain turner, Morbark 4 KN auto hydraulic carriage, 48" circular saw husk w/3pt. Guide system, Valley Machine lift belt slab discharge and 30"W spiral rollcase, transfer deck to edger, infeed table to 6"X54" 200 HP Valley Machine combination edger w/board side outfeed tailing device and 30"W gang outfeed belt. ( More description and pictures see 45.02351) POR
45.02351 Valley Machine Canadian style trimmer, Linebar circular resaw, 12" cut, manual setworks, 4 strand rooftop deck, 53'-6" Cardinal vibrating conveyor w/metal detector & sawdust dropout, 56" 6 Kn Morbark chip pack (150 HP), Chip Blower (25 HP), 15 HP sawdust blower, Yates A-20 belt driven planer c/w infeed, 220V/3/60, Precision 8' 2-saw trimmer (2 5HP 575V/3/60 motors), 40' Chip bin (hydraulic gates and bin vibrator), 5' Hanchet chipper knife grinder, Air compressor Palatek (Michigan) 40D, 40 HP 575v/3/60. POR